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Handcrafted Leather


Argentinian Cowhide

Argentine cow leather is a world-renowned product. This is due to the living environment of the cattle. They live on the vast grass plains of the pampas in Argentina. They have a lot of freedom to move around, live under the sun and are always outside. In addition, they are feed with good, natural food. No concentrate or hormones. This makes the leather firmer, thicker and more durable. This is one of the reasons why Argentina exports large quantities of this leather to all parts of the world.

Oil Wax 

Oil Wax leather is the first layer of the cowhide and treated with an oil waxing process to leave a vibrant shine and waterproofing coating. This leather is more durable and unusually requires any maintenance.

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A first layer leather dyed with a gloss finish, but otherwise untreated to expose the grain and skin characteristics.